Lit… all I can say is that if these guys (management) are simultaneously stingy and restrictive on who’s buying… we all agree we should see more insiders trading, but they know they have to report it. Go with what is reported on sedar.  It would be nice to see them fighting over the price of the shares at this point. Yes… half of them have other interests, don't have the funds or listen to their significant other, but they have a company to run. There have been some changes in the management structure… let’s see what that brings.

In the end… it doesn’t matter what company, insiders have a better opportunity to make deals on the inside than the common stock purchased on the “open” market at market prices.

BTW… one important thing that is driving the broader market right now is the fact you get nothing in the bank. There was a time where you got eighteen cents on every dollar for money in the bank.