There is a light at the end of MTO tunnel 4 out of 5 gold ounces go directly to MTO 1 out of 5 ounces goes to Sandstorm  for 500 per oz they still pay for the costs . You either pay back a debt in cash or gold MTO opt for the gold payment  for the 20 million. Sandstorm believes in MTO and this is a win win situation for both , more so for MTO. Call Sandstorm a major share holder and out of 60 000  oz projected  48,000 oz gold  goes directly to MTO and 6 million  cash  goes back to MTO to help pay for costs , 6 million  could be used for future drilling and replace the 12000 gold oz sold to Sandstorm for 500 per oz. . This could be called compounding gold ounces at Sandstorm expense . jmo money makes money and Gold. There is a lot more gold where that came from and the bottom line is increase production .