mostly ladies, unsatisfied ladies.  

Obviously Quix had been hi jacked, this used to be a credible source of info.  Read the name carefully and you will know why the wise has become, well ig nor ant.  

Bemember our far-end that what become banned

- it is back.

Mike, no applause needed my sell is out there and needs filling "story tellers must become belivers" or vice versa and BATMOBILE sells for 4.2 MM dollars, I goona builds me one, yup yup. 


GPtech, good luck my friend, I think you are too deep too early, you read daily charts on a junior that has less volume in a quarter than a major in a day - consider flow logics.

Sap - news letter guy, inspiration apprecated.

Once this bounce is done so am I, please buy me out at .22+ gotta run. Ta Ta all.

Hope you make millions (of ounces that is because you will need them all to be cash positve here)