He told you guys exactly what to expect and what you should do:


"I guess if you are so blind you can't see this is a pump you deserve to give me your money.

 those who buy in the next week will be rewarding me as I sell to you .22-.24

Then buy back again at .18 after the next financing release.

Good luck all,"


The investors who participated in the last flow-through are in the money now, so they can short the stock and lock in their profits, and cover their shorts in the next 3 or 4 months when the holding period is over. Plus those in the know can short the stock and get into the next financing and cover their shorts that way. The Sandstorm deal make the chances of a takeover next to nil. Until the company is profitable with money in the bank this is the type of trading that will occur.

You guys should send btrevor a thankyou post once in a while, or at least PM him and say thanks. He is giving out excellent advice, for FREE. I know I will be buying at .18 in the next week or month or whenever it hits the target. By the end of the year Metanor should be profitable and worth holding long term. Until then, listen to btrevor and be thankful for the free advice he is giving you, and make some profitable trades!