Remember Dec. 14 2012? The volume was 653 900. There was a big price drop during the trading day followed by a rapid recovery at the end of the day. Jan. 21 2013 (roughly a month later) we have triple the volume on a light trading day in the broader market. It’s wonderful to see a market at work isn’t it?

Sadly, a stubborn oversold condition still exists. Otherwise we would have seen 5 to 10 pt. increase. Once it is realised that little or no further financing is required and cash flow positive is a reality - that will be the driver that not only breaks out of the recent trading range (0.18 - .0245)… but starts an entirely new one possibly (.25 - .30+) in the short term. Technically, once an uptrend has begun, there will always be pullbacks that will bring opportunity (as BT suggests) as long as it is business as usual at the mine and income continues... A long uptrend should take hold due the fact that MTO is still spinning off a multi-year overall downtrend that was relentless and one of a company headed for “empty pockets”.  Let’s not get too excited…  As we all know with mining… bad things can happen in short order. That’s why care must be taken with small cap investments, but they can certainly get your blood pumping! You must admit it’s pretty neat to see the market at work both here and one’s other endeavours.

My-oh-my! RIM (and one of my earlier pics for the game… Facebook) turn around! You should see the pumping going on at stockhouse RIM. Something else! NOW if RIM’s phone doesn’t move like the market “thinks” it will… that drop will be vicious. The sad part is that I never liked (or invested in) RIM because it started to look too much like Nortel.