I saw the article http://miningmarketwatch.net/mto.htm and saw the boards here. Indeed the article provides a good overview of the situation and opportunity with Metanor. It is almost comical to read the same couple fear-mongers on this board whose arguments are fairy dust, dumping on the vision of Metanor; erroneously saying they will need money and saying the several-year vision of possible 150,000 oz per annum is too distant to talk about. The fact is Metanor is targeting 5000 ounces Gold per month production THIS YEAR!!!! They are at 2000 ounces/mo. now and going higher – a press release from the company just last week said so; they are at cash flow positive in February – it’s happening!!!!! Right in front of you. Just because you had to pull your hair out for 5 years to see this come to fruition does not deny the reality it is happening right in front of you. On the cash in bank topic, Metanor has Sandstorm as a partner and has as much money as it needs, ask Sandstorm and they will tell you they asked Metanor if they wanted more and Metanor said “no” they are fine. If Metanor wants more money there is a line up to give to them. However the work on the mine is sufficiently advanced they are okay and the cash flow positive news announcement makes Metanor super solid. So let us say 50,000 – 60,000 production run rate will be reached this 2013 and ongoing at only 2/3 capacity, how could anyone come onto the boards and dump-on the vision of putting a concentrator at Barry, Barry has grades better than Osisko and SGS says Barry has the size potential to match it, thus putting a concentrator on Barry will get them the ability to bring production cumulative to 150,000/year.  They can do this. Metanor has not issued a warrant for over a year!!!  They have managed to contain dilution. There is only $17 million out (10 of it is convertible at 28 cents), the rest is with the government and the terms are easy. The Northern Miner is a the oldest mining journal out there, they felt compelled to visit Metanor and left with favorable vibes. Now having free cash flow to help pay the development and growth and apart from only $17 mil in debt – there is lots to be happy with about Metanor now, if you are thinking of getting long you are getting in at a very low price; the market cap is just under $50 mil, yet the infrastructure alone is over three times that. So when you read the same couple negative dumpers, just remember they are likely either jealous or got burnt by not timing things right -- the time to be long Metanor is now. 2013 is where things click and run and the writing is on the wall. The relative gains that Metanor can see, relative to others, will be large. Metanor will be seen as pick of the litter, just watch and learn.