How many times while narrating a story, have you had the urge to exaggerate? Is it completely your fault if you exaggerate? No, most of the time, it is usually the listener’s fault because even though it is plain and quite clear that the quoted event could not be true, it is an exciting story never the less. You wish to hear more of and as a result the story teller or the person narrating the event will exaggerate things.

Observe how whenever you see a group of men or women and they are gossiping about one thing or another. The person most dominant in the discussion, will clearly be the best liar. Gossips are only interesting when they are “juicy” read “lies” or border lining on being a lie.


I am no psychologist but I would advise that the next time you feel the need to “spice things up a little”... BITE YOUR TONGUE!