The article is a very good read and encouraging -- The guys I taked to at Sandstorm recently said there is no shortage of money to see Metanor get on its feet, they see metanor as a partner and asked Metanor at the time if they wanted more when Metanor last did debt financing. Metanor thought what they had was enough, turns out Metanor needed just a little more, but the point is Metanor has enough to meet obligations without issues, if they need more it is there for the asking, the dilution over the last year has been contained (I don't think they issued ANY warrants at all), and the release about going cash flow positive and the talk with The Northern Miner about going steady-state gold production is a game changer. *itch and moan all you want eventually things click, and it looks like things are clicking, 2013 will be a good year for shareholders. If you are not long, get long.If you want out, get out, because this is the point strong hands rule the day. I expect to see $0.40 before not too long. The stars are lining up for Metanor.