Here is what Navjit Dhaliwal,president of Bonterra,said about management's dissidence :

The compagny's share price(BTR) has depreciated from $ .22 to $ .05 representing a 77% decline in value.We agree this is unfortunate however is not dissimilar from a vast number of junior resource exploration compagnies.The decline in market value reflects a trend prevalent throughout the junior capital market and has nothing to do so called mismanagement or compensation practices.

As a shareholder of any junior,you have to recognize that investing in a junior come with risks.Opt for a board that has the right experience and is capable of minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities ahead.

This is not a short-term game and Metanor has a good probability to get success in a foreseeable future.

So, in this market if you bet down the price of any junior your probability of being right is very high.