The ounces came from 8,534 tons of ore grading 6.47 g/t and the mill is consistently operating at 96-97% recoveries.  31 days/8534 t = 275 t/day.  Who said they were 600t and cash positive?

Math lessons $140/hr, make that $160 as you need severe remedial.

Ok seriously, 1700 x ? slippery not to pay 20% SS cut as they are NOT in production, but not according to Marg the self proclaimed truth teller.  So I guess we should take 1/5 of production at only $500/oz (another who could use math, financial and business lessons.)

But if they are NOT in production 1700 x 1600 = 2.72MM excepting all royalties, taxes, loans, exec awards, broker 7%x 2, miner bonus, warrants, loan payback, equipment purchases, staffing up, etc.

Burn rate is 3.7MM - 2.72MM= $-1 000 000, wonder what the bonus payout adds up to?

IRRegardless (I did that on purpose so the educated could chortle) with all the new staff and skilled workers and bonus program one would have expected a bit more than 3oz eh mes amis?

WhATEves, LOL - (I am learning from emo kids how to talk.)  and we are learning how to invest from Progressive purveyors of enthusiastic exaggeration or is that constriction with 3 months stuffed into one.  Speaking of which did they expect a decline of 300% this month, utter nonsense I say.  I will wait for the pull back, should be just about this time next month when she is closest to the double bottom that we finally bring her out of the coal dust into the gold miners handbook with $1.14 (that's with the HST) cash positive.  Then RP can pull out the finance book again and dilute the living gold out of whatever is left for value in this dog.

Just my humble opinion, GLTA -  for those who continually call me a basher, happy returns. HA that would be negative captain...I like to make the money, sorry you don't.