I would have liked the news release to have included that they have no plans to do another financing until cash flow positive in Feb. Also why are they thanking the support of their supplliers? To me that means the suppliers have not been paid! I was expecting more than a 3 ounce increase from Nov to Dec! Unless mining was halted over the holidays, production is flat. Not good.

This news release combined with the recent article makes me almost certain they are trying to get a financing done. "It is estimated that the Company can accelerate its development by about 3 months". How can you accelerate development by 3 months in 1 month? These new miners must be pretty quick!

What if the company can only accelerate development by 2 months? How many ounces of production is necessary to be cash flow positive in Feb? Feb 2013 is not a leap year, will that be the excuse? How much cash do they have right now? I honestly was expecting 2000 ounces production for Dec. Does anyone really believe they will be self-sufficient in 1 month? I am very skeptical.