Good Point Mat.....Seems RP is back at it again as a spokesperson for management, talking over the heads of the shareholders thru a third party, pumping all the way, but strangely not putting their personal  mutlitudinous dollars( of which they have procured many from the financings) where the mouth is while the stock price gradually slips into oblivion. We are closing in on a BV of 40 million , less than a third of the supposed value of the mill. Can't understand why they cannot use their website to blog this type of info. Why do they bother with IR at all.


That said we are closer to some type of rebound than we have been for a while....maybe something like LSG as Sapiens has suggested. Note we've had two close at the bottom of the daily bar recently...but expect maybe another day or two of downside before a rebound...maybe with production results for Dec.