When I see Ron Perry pumping the company to the media, my first thought is that he is doing so to hype the company up for another financing. He makes a large salary for a reason!


"This most recent incarnation of the mine is leaner and
more modest as management chose to steer clear of past
mistakes that were encountered when previous owners
tried to go big.
"You have to adjust the approach to the size of the mine,
" Metanor's chief geologist Alain Blais says.
"You don't try to make the mine fit the size of your dreams."


"leaner and more modest"....That's scary! To me that means that they will never get to 60,000 ounces per year!  Trevor is correct in being critical of giving bonuses to employees at this stage! Metanor management is showing no respect to its "current" shareholders, however there will be many more new shareholders who will be able to buy in at a much lower price....plus warrants! I don't find this article bullish at all. It sounds like they are having some major production problems!