of WHAT you decide.

Feb 2012 MTO announces to great fanfare that it is trucking at ONLY $20/tonne, now they say it had to stop because it was uneconomical at $22. In fact the Barry operation cannot be reopened due to non conformance with engineering standards and regulatory guidelines.  Instead of moving money from Berry to Bach. they are going to send cash from Bach. to Barry, sounds like the money will never leave this circle j*rk They couldn't make it work then, the difference now is greater debit and a 20% overhang on every ounce.

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Mr. Perry once again telling tales, remember the elephant story?  Now "we will bury you with it"  What's it?  I suspect that it is the load of BS coming out of Perry's mouth.

20% not enough, now they are rewarding miners for extraction.  Why?  A mine in the area just shut down and miners are a dime a dozen.  Why the perks brother, sister, nephew, godfather.  Seems like everyone from management to the lowest worker (that's a mining joke) get a bonus.   Should not the shareholders get a bonus as well, I believe it is called a dividend.

What happened the last time Perry said they were going to be cash positive, or the time before that, or....\?/

We are thinking small, that's a great sign. "You don't try to make the mine fit the size of your dreams." What do you make it fit?  The size of your brain, wallet, garage?  Why not tell us what you see down there, I can see  that they used to mine too much, great what do you see now?  Really that's what shareholders want to know.

And finally, why no insider buying?

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