FAU or GBN or GGN (and MTO based on relative value).

What do they have in common chart- wise? Like most of the sector they are all forming bottoms. Not only that, in many cases they are multi- year bottoms. As ugly as these charts are they more often than not present opportunity if management decides failure is not an option. Also noteworthy is that Insiders have bought at or higher than current prices for all of them.

For some of them… the risk of .10 or below is consolidation or bankruptcy. If closing up shop isn’t in the plans, you may want to put these on watch because of the production factor. Nothing goes down forever unless they go under or get bought out on the cheap. Like many in this space once production starts dilution must be avoided. Some of these guys don’t “get” that yet. Management must find ways to finance without it. If they manage some way to do so then they will gain traction. That’s a challenge in itself because mining is not a cheap expedition unless you use BT’s tools. The only problem is that those tools produce more blisters than profit.

Ask yourself… can this sector get kicked any more that it has? Sure it can, but will it? What does MTO have that they don’t?  Who knows… could be as simple as the political wind of Plan Nord.