Cliff Resolved... a bigger problem than everyone thinks.

...was on vacation in the USA. I have flown many airlines, but most of the problems with delays come from delta… Anyone else experience problems with delta? Yes… there are companies out there that are managed worse than MTO and have been in business for decades. 

Since it’s tax time!

“So who are the 49 percent of Americans who don't pay income taxes? The vast majority are the lowest income households, the elderly and young working families with children.”

Although “somewhat” of a plan was hatched at the last moments… the problems in the US still exist. The reality is that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing and growing… there is still so much depression there – especially in certain sectors of the big cities. Politicians “think” they know the reality of the situation but they don’t live it. Their strings are simply being pulled by executives in business that helped them get there and not the average American or the poor. After all, who wants to listen to them? There’s no enhanced lifestyle or profit in it. That’s the essence of the societal methodology of the United States.  One of the best ways to reduce the deficit is to tax everyone with a flat tax (like the HST) and reduce government spend (not a good thing to do when infrastructure is aging).  The problem is that when you have a consumer based society that’s heavily driven by retail, it becomes very tax sensitive.  Dollars spent on tax will take away dollars spent on retail and consumption. This will lead to recession. The reality is that that’s what needs to be done and they can’t do it - just borrow more.  So that’s the ongoing solution – it can’t continue to work this way because the financials will eventually end up where they were in 08/09. Keep your eye on the short list of ETF’s… whenever they drop like a rock it usually means something bad is on the horizon.


If you are going to finance flow through represents a good tax advantage for both parties. A stipulation is the use of the cash for further exploration (there are other tax advantages in being both an explore co. and a producer in the wonderful world of creative accounting).  Although PH should have bought more shares, he has been building a position… and is willing to pay up for it. As VP operations, I guess he sees at least some value.

In the world of investment both criticism and praise are expected and welcome. Arguing about them is not going to help the SP or one’s ability to profit from an investment.

Cheers to a better year in the micro-cap space.