So they really do need plumbers from NASA! lol

The NASA kids can help build the ponds.

All these are non-events. Every miner builds a few ponds. The AGM was a non-event, going through the motions of a vote. The annual financial report was a non-event, nobody expected anything good. The Friday just before close 13 cent manipulation was no news. All these are distractions. End of year selling for tax loss and fiscal cliff selling before capital gain hike is over. (And Sandstorm is no panacea, they still have to pay $400-$500 per oz for gold and large management salaries.)

The most important event is the production numbers. We'll all see very soon in the next 3 or 4 months, not much longer now if you're not a day trader. We'll see if BT fired from Stantec conjecture that the historic production from a small mill will limit production on the upgraded larger mill. Or whether MTO really do have only a single shovel and bucket borrowed from their kids lol.