The cashflow positive could even be at 25k oz/yr, between 25k oz/yr to 30k oz/yr. It's hard to know for sure with the moving variables like the continual change in gold prices. It will become clearer after the current quarter report. Whatever it is, we will know soon enough in the next 3 months with the information coming up from the Dec. production number, quarter report, and Spring 2013 which they targeted for 60k oz/yr production rate (you can shave that number down to 50k or 40k oz/yr and that is still very good cashflow/earnings). If they continue production at the current rate, they would produce around 8k oz for 2012. The 43-101 page 22-2 projected 14.2k oz for 2012. That's not too far off schedule.
The updated 43-101 may have been important if they were not in production, but now that they are in production, the quarterly financial report is more relevant because it gives actual costs and cashflow, instead of a paper estimated number.