So what you are saying is that MTO is producing more than they are consuming in cash?

You already know the answer to that question. They'll be producing more cash than consumption when they go cash flow positive. This quarter they'll be consuming less cash than last quarter because of the increase in gold sales. They're very close to cash flow positive imo. I think they'll be cash flow positive at slightly less than 30k oz/yr. They're already at 20k oz/yr and increasing close to it.

MTO stock price has risen after each and every statement that I have made and is at something other than an all time low?

All those price calls you made were one day short term events, it wasn't long term calls. The release of the annual financial report occurred on one day and the next day or few days can see the effect of the release. Same for the AGM. The 13 cent manipulation just before the close on Friday was only 15 minutes. The effect could be seen the next trading day on Monday. All weekend you and others were making sensational fear statements of "look out below", picture of death, and Enron fall to 3 cents. You can't dispute that your call for "look out below" from that no news event was blatantly wrong.

And now it's just a technicality that MTO is not producing?

You're the one saying MTO is not producing not me, and that's total nonsense. They have released very transparent production numbers when the quarter is not even over yet.

All right then enough with the gibber jabber, when are they releasing the 43-101?

It all depends on how fast the independent geologists do the analysis and how much of the new exploration drill results management wants to include in the updated report. Many times those reports are delayed so that more drill results can be included to get a higher resource estimate. You already know that those reports are often delayed by many other miners. The last 43-101 wasn't that long ago, dated Apr 26, 2011 and the Genivar report dated Nov. 2011 only one year ago. Many miners wait a long time between reports. The updated report isn't essential in that it doesn't affect the current production ramp up. Having that piece of paper won't increase or decrease the number of gold oz that is currently being produced. You guys make it sound like they can't produce without an updated report with all the repeated questions for it.

When will the water handling deficiencies be rectified?

All miners have to follow government regulations. Many times additional actions are added to satisfy environmental requirements. This is not unique to MTO at all. Usually the additions can be done over the course of building the mine and does not have to be done immediately. And how do you know it hasn't been done already? Companies don't have to tell you every little thing they do. It's not stopping MTO from producing as they are reporting increasing number of oz produced. Or are you saying that up until now they have been using "magic powder" to produce, and now that they have run out of "magic powder" and need water, they can't produce any more?

You repeatedly bring the water question up to cause fear, as if handling water was an insurmountable problem. Every miner has to do water handling. It's not rocket science. Unless you are saying there are no plumbers in Quebec that know how to move water and they need to import the plumbers in from NASA. Or MTO has only one bucket available to move water, just like they have only one shovel available to dig.

When will operations become cash positive?

Already answered above.