"...as if MTO is still not producing yet."  I think this statement just about says it all 

You do realize MTO is NOT producting yet, if they were they would be called producers and follow the requirements of reporting their expenditures and revenues like real companies have to.

HA, this gets funnier all the time.  A Secret Santa P.P. occurs days before AGM and there is not a word to the public (ie Shareholders) until after the once a year shareholder update forum and then the release is so loosely worded no one can pin point where the money is going or tell us what the current "Production" is, the status of the long overdue 43-101, the go forward plan, financial status, or why the 10 year secretary was let go.  As I said before, much like SNC the cockroaches will come out of the woodwork and it appears that is starting now.  In the new year when contracts are renegotiated you will see more losses especially in the skilled worker sectors.  Nobody wants to stay at a job that is not what was presented at sign on.

The entire board is spewing conjecture based on documents produced years ago, all of which hold about as much water as the "New revised water handling plan" and other non-conformance items required to be updated by law, by the way where are those updates?

We will see lower SP friends, BasherT has not been wrong as stated by some.  I don't know what is considered a precipitious fall but in my books when the share price is at an all time low (excepting strange trade of >5 minutes) and another blindside financing it is not go time, it is go away time.  The fiscal cliff is going to decimate small cap stocks...all of them including this one.


Good luck all, and to debunk the outright LIES that some are spewing.  I am a "Swinging D* ck shareholder", always have been.  If you consider someone who holds more shares than the majority of board members an SD, if not pony up and move the stock yourself.  The Bid/Ask is so shallow you could move this with less investment than a holiday cabin.





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