Since over one year,MTO is focused on consolidating and expanding gold resources in an around the Bachelor Lake Mill in order to maximize the potential (value) of the mill and to establish its status as an emerging junior gold producer;you can't do that having only 200,000 ounces of resources.To optimise this fully fonctional,permitted 1200 tonnes per day gold mill,you have to ramp up  production to 1200 tonnes per day.Both the Barry and Bachelor Lake deposits appear to be wide open for resource expansion,so MTO has strong exploration potential and can potentially lead to increased resource estimate in the short term.

The company is currently generating cash flow through small scale production at its Bachelor Lake property,which will probably allow it to fund 2013 operating and investing cost to operate and develop further Bachelor(level14 and 15).2013 estimated costs are around 38M$ and projected annual production is around 30,000 ounces(24,000 ounce to MTO),which would generate a cash flow of 38.4M$(estimated gold price of 1,600$).

So,to optimise the value of MTO you have to get extra moneys to drill in an around the Bachelor mill for extending the life of the mine and ramping up futur production.