This is just another in a long string of dilutions that in this case does not contribute to near term production critical to the financial strengtheniing of this company.  In fact this is very risky use of capital acquired at very low stock prices.....why do it now unless they are desperate to find more gold resource.  The production news in the next month or two could reveal their motives.  We "minority"shareholders don't need to be consulted!!!!!Because they( the management) know evidenced by a stock price struggling to stay at 20 cents. The technicals say this will slip back to at least 18 cents...and this is the fundamental news to direct it there. This is not being negative Maggie, it's being realistic. These guys are not at the service of the minority shareholders( ie the commoners) for which they appear to have contempt, but at the service of themselves, the mine workers, and those who have assets to erode the value of the mine for the commoners to their own advantage. We are moving closer to a consolidation.