"Why they want to do more exploration at this point is beyond me?"

It could have something to do with how the financial reporting works. Before a company is in commercial production, all the capital cost is put under the heading investment and exploration drilling. Once official commercial production is reached, the drilling cost can be moved out of that financial statement line into normal operating cost line. The capital cost incurred pre-production is then charged and spread out over the life of mine. Drilling is needed to reach the production ore. The 8 million spent last quarter can't be all exploration drilling unrelated to production. Some of it must have been drilling to reach the production ore and other capital cost like the underground infrastructures. The 625 meters escapeway would have been under that financial statement line which is a fairly long drill hole that they don't need to do anymore. Before they received the commercial production permit, it wouldn't have been good to have idle workers so they put them to work on exploration drilling. After the permit they should have moved the workers over from exploration to production drilling.


"Lets hear what BTrevor thinks about this financing!!"

You still treat BasherT as the resident expert after all the wrong calls he made? All the fear mongering and wanting everybody to sell at 13 cents. His MO is to give some information that is believable, insert as many negative comments in it as possible, then come to a nonsense conclusion.