"AGM's not over yet princess..."

The AGM is long over, anything bad would have leaked out by now.

No big plunge on the AGM, BasherT proven wrong again. That's the 3rd strike.

And since when does gender have anything to do with it. You're a man therefore you're always right?


BasherT is always fear this, fear that, fear this, fear that, MTO is different than any other miner.

FeAr uNcErTaInTy and dOuBt. Same old same old.

The share price has already discounted most of the possible negative events by being way below book value.


"WHY blah blah, conjecture, futurism, not a clue, blaH Blah, BLAB puke.<


Now go away."

The 20k oz/yr production rate is not conjecture, it's a fact as of Nov. 2012. The 60k oz/yr target production rate is not my conjecture. It's not management's conjecture. It's the conclusion of independent geologists.

Your 24k oz/yr for all of 2013 is pure conjecture and fantasy (and based on what, historic production from a small mill?). Your low-ball number is intentionally designed to cause fear that MTO wouldn't have any earnings for all of 2013.

BasherT has some nerve holding no shares telling people with shares to go away.