No huge drop, BasherT was totally wrong. In fact the share price did the exact opposite, it went back up. Who here listened to BasherT and sold in panic?

Even with all the fear mongering of BasherT, pictures of death, and the hyenas and vultures circling saying it's an Enron going to 3 cents, posting all sorts of total nonsense. If BasherT gets a pass for posting nonsense when the share price is going down, what does he get when it goes back up?

Shareholders can thank BasherT for his continual fear mongering every day to help make MTO finance at low prices.

If the share price goes on to recover and rise, BasherT would have told everyone to sell at the very bottom, the exact opposite of what people should have done.

This is not the first time BasherT was wrong. Remember his prediction of a big drop on the release of the year end financial statement? It didn't drop when the statement was released, it did the opposite.