Here we go again with the BS being spewed at a tremedous rate.

Please read the following document that has been in force for longer than memory serves, certainly longer than this dog and pony show has been in business.  Escape tunnels were required in the late 1900's.

The mill has never operated at a rate higher than 600/t per day so you can book that one pumpers.

Drilling expense outstripping profit, much like investing in the mill when not necessary why not slow this down until the bills are paid...DUH! seems pretty simple to most accountants.  Much better than taking loans out a shark rates and failing to repay them as necessary.  If you must delay something delay the drilling, it can be resumed with no penalty IF you inform the investors with intelligent news releases.  Where are the follow up news releases providing updates to the many promises that have not been fulfilled?  Are we just expected to forget that they were made and accept that nothing is happening?  REALLY, I am not five years old and this is not a piece of candy, this is real world business.  Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration in this case, real world attempt at businees is more accurate.  Standard practice is to lose money for first 3 years then plan kicks in and you make money, this plan has changed more times than the pumper change their underwear.

Other people are paid more than RP, that's just wonderful let's accept misrepresentation, delays, missed targets, hidden agendas, non-disclosures and join the ignorance and poverty of investors in other failing companies.  Please Vote to pay him an fantastic salary for a propoganda job that is only a fraction away from farce.  It would be good comedy if he were not so mcuh pathetic fantasy moving the projections further from reality with every repetitive non news release.  Where's the BEEF, you know the outstanding items that have been outstanding for years, the lawsuit, the reclaimation and rehab, the nicro deal, the go forward, the feasability study and plethora of other "just about there..." promises that have not been realized.  Call me a basher if you will but do you really expect anything else with material like this?

When this moves a penny I watch $$ with three zeros behind taken off the table.  My residual retentions from the many trades I have made on this stock are probably more than most of you jokers have ever owned, so continue with your "projections" and blue sky but try to keep it semi realistic and when you attack me do it with some pizzaz and style.  You dronings are getting boring and are misleading others.  In the end time will tell who is right, unfortunately time is running out along with the money, Monday will not be a bright day.  Why do I post here, because I respect the opinions and in depth research that many of the posters here do.  The reality is that none of their research or any of my comments or any of the pumpers comments will change the fact that these guys are losing money when they should be making it.

Who do you think this is?