I looked on sedar and only found some french scanned document that I couldn't use google translate on. Does anyone know what the loan payments are? This type of information should be in plain english on sedar or on their website. I guess the loan was due Nov 28 but they didn't have the cash? It's tempting to buy more at this level but I am looking at a watchlist of new producers that have been decimated when they couldn't become cash flow positive quickly. The news release also should have included tonnes mined, grade and recovery! They have the info so why not publish it!

I have been researching Bachelor Lake Gold Mines when it first started production. Here are some links to newspaper articles. Seems like current management ran the mines back then as well! From what I gather the production was always promised to be around 32000 ounces per annum but I don't think it ever came close!. There is also an article detailing how 2 guys robbed the mine for $.5 million of gold lol.