They are stating on their website "Bachelor Targeting Spring 2013 for Full Production" as they were expecting a few months ago:

So you shouldn't expect 4500/mon so soon. Stating "Full Production" on the website now clarifies what they meant when they said "commercial production", equals 60k oz/yr.

They could be profitable at 30k oz/yr which is 2500/mon.

If they increase production at same rate as Nov, then they could be at 2200/mon, not very far from 2500/mon.

If you look at the financial statement, their loss last quarter was $1.2M. $700k of it was was due to non-cash issuing of options which shouldn't repeat this quarter so it's more like half million loss. With increasing production, the numbers should look better this quarter. Most of cash spent was in exploration drilling. With improving outlook, any financing hopefully would be on better terms.

If they are at 2200 oz/mon by end of Dec. then that might not be cash flow positive but is very close to it.