Post a single news release that has been satisfied within the conditions as stated and I will turn positive.

There are more missed targets than oz in the ground, this last >6g/t bulk sample shows just how badly the truth has been stretched.   @ 2/3 mill capacity (Still not operating?) 6g/t x 800t is only 4800g per day.  At 150oz x 365 days you only get 54 750 oz/year and nobody (epecially these clowns) operate 24/7/365.  That's 10% less than what was promised three years ago.  Considering the considerable downside results and continued "over estimation" of news releases 40 000oz is more realistic.  That pretty much puts the share price at sub .20 for the next 3 years.  Good luck - but math is not on your side.  

Vote at the AGM if you want a chance to get your money back.