Okay...ready to reveal my intent ....feeling things out...both Mountain Boy and Decade had crooks on board at one time....Jayden appears to still have...serious red flag...all three crooks graduated from UBC in the same year with degrees in economics...one of the crooks is from Kelowna...hmm...coincidental the Bernards are from Kelowna...circumstantial...just who are the Bernards, and what is their role in these companies? Any hunches? Also, who are S&W Bernard Investments? Never heard of them. This Ed guy seems to have a good track record. Any ideas as to what is going on? Also, why is the stock a penny stock? The Silver Property and Red Cliff Property appear half decent. But financial situation looks lousy. Burn time can't be great? In such case, why would Wilfried be buying up? This other company, Sunrise Resources Ltd, looks fairly fried, too!