glad to have  you back Tiengong, I was worried that someone hacked your account last week when you started to bash, after a year of pumping im glad you are back on our side.

management didnt buy 70% of the last PP on a whim, they know what we have. Although several stated insider selling last week, Canadian Insider has yet to confirm this. Management have never sold a share since i have owned the stock, which is over 2 years.

MTB was at .12 last year, this was before the busiest drilling campaign on Red cliff to date. Several of the holes that were drilled into the fall have yet to be reported. This was interesting, its as if management found something good and kept drilling.

The 43-101 will have several mineral counts in it, I am curious to see what copper, silver we hold. After taking a look at tiengongs previous posts of grade values, I am very excited for over 1 m oz gold count.