I looked over the January - February period reports as you mentioned. They did have some good reports that were sadly ignored by the share price. It also shows how long everything takes, to wit, the first two new PRs after commencing trading were:


June 10, 2005: Mirasol's Joaquin Project Delivers High-Grade Gold and Silver Results

August 15, 2005: Mirasol Discovers New Gold-Silver Mineralization at Claudia Project

Using this timeline, most properties held by MRZ might start hitting share price in 2020. 

In other news...

Claudia: The 43-101 might already be priced in. These reports generally don't surprise anyone (do they?), but rather just burn up a bunch of time and money meeting regulatory requirements. I am not saying the process is bad - it does lend credibility - but many investors and certainly speculators are way ahead of these events and have been buying/selling on their own calculations generated from drilling results. Joaquin's initial 43-101 saw a steady decline in price during the weeks leading up to the report, then a bouce back on high volume to end even. The second one also saw high volume, but certainly no gains in price.

Espejo: Unless PAAS has been discretely drilling the he77 out of Espejo and railroaded the assays, news out of Espejo is 6-9  months off or more. There are four more years for earn-in, and four more still for feasibility.

Joaquin: Priced as a done deal. Any shareholder payout will drop cash, which will drop capitalization, which will drop share price.

Others: The names seem to pop up from time to time, only to sink again into the sands of time.