I wish I shared your perennially positive outlook. Your posts are good - pointing out the upside potential.


A series of questions that bears asking at PDAC might be: "How is the company ACTIVELY promoted? Which analysts cover it? How do those push MRZ to investors?" Also, “What is the plan for the rumored dividend?”


I know that management often say they didn't come to the stock market to mine money, but at the same time, they DID come to the stock market. They need to play the game, otherwise, why not stay private? There are thousands of juniors and mid-tier companies all looking for the same pool of money and it is no longer enough to look down your nose at corporate PR and having a comprehensive and active regime of selling your stories. Many good pieces of geology have been left weathering because of a lack of PR.


The bald fact is that there is less than $30M of “belief” in this company, with its dozens of properties and its entire management team. There are plenty of companies who have a similar amount of belief, yet much less mythology to back it up.