Todays release on metallurgical results is the first we have ever seen from MRZ. We did not see one on Jauquin becuase CDE was the operator for that project, and given the aggregate size of CDE, such a report would not represent a material event which the public would/should know about.

My guess is -and it is only a guess- that JAUQUIN had the same or similar metallurgy associated with it. That is a question, I plan to explore at PDAC with MRZ.

Are there other Qs the board might like asked of management ?

That stock price drop is certainly discouraging. We are headed for a NI 43-101 on Virginia so this report today may be a pre-amble to that report. MRZ has always been great at including recovery statistics with their reports.

Given that Hochchild reported that Santa Rita had no minerals and then MRZ found Virginia at Santa Rita makes Virginia an -it's all good type situation for MRZ.