I have had the chance to talk with management folks a number of times at PDAC and over the phone. I remember at PDAC 2009, Steve Nano cautioning me about the long way to go on Jauquin at that stage of development. I remember Paul Lahotka cautioning me about Jauquin and Virginia, spending additional time explaining how Virginia could miss if the drills could not confirm the electronic readings, or if the metalurgy would not work on the deposit.

The I read the words used on Claudia and I remember PL saying SN is really excited about Claudia. When you look at Claudia and realize it is a version of Cerro Vanguardia, you can see it's worth.

Then I read, SN's write up on Chile find. That he/MRZ called it Titan is not a message lost on me. Those are trench read outs. Amazing. I compare that stuff to T.AR's stuff and realize how big this find is.

Will keep adding because this has become a total no brainer.