Brent Cook Exploration Insights has visited all of MRZ's jv ready prospective sites, he has studied the geology reports, and he has had innumerable contacts with co execs. MRZ in his view is a management team that is a cut WAY ABOVE the norm in the industry. He praises the detailed reports the company issues.

I hold shares in PM companies in A, C,M, US, and Canada. Probably 15 total and MRZ is at the tippy top with regard data on project sites. They are on the absolute bottom with regard company overview and forecast directions. I have previously surmised it is because of the wacky way A gov't folks have treated miners recently.

Without overview, there is no forward visibility for investors to buy into. I deduce and that is all it is, that the company plans to liquidate Virginia, and Claudia and focus almost exclusively on Chile where they have made a stupendous find.