Haven't talked with MRZ recently and am trying to dope out the path forward as Mary, Steve and Tim are laying it out.

The provincial governments in A are trying to increase their take on the economic progress that will be made in mining. Chubut Prov is the worst in terms of mine interference. San Juan and Santa Cruz follow behind in  that relative order.

MRZ is the second largest mine claim land holder in SC province behind FormaCruz so MRZ has had to be very careful politically given the federal and state gov't mine policy changes. That is probably why each of us will get way more info from the company by talking to them at things like PDAC than from the website. It is my impression, unconfirmed by company, that the company updates the details of the prospective claim areas without calling attention to the updates.

There is no overview of company plans- again I THINK- becuase of the gov't attention it would draw. Let sleeping dogs lie seems to be company policy. Proof come from the Espejo jv and the Jauquin sale. The Espejo final signing of the JV did not even include the name of the other party. The Jauquin sale occurred without as much as a word about the intent to sell.

We have two very valuable assets in SC Prov - Virginia and Claudia; and my guess is that MRZ will flip both for the right price.  Yamana seems totally undistrubed by having to deal with the So American politicians so I expect they would have an interest in one or both of these items. In the meantime, MRZ will ripen the data surrounding each project. Claudia has REAL potential given the work MRZ has done to date. We will have a NI 43-101 on VIRGINIA soon so I expect it to get flipped soon after.

MRZ is quietly moving it's focus to a more stable, reasonable platform in Chile. The interesting thing about MRZ in Chile is it's systematic, unauthodox (sP) way of uncovering stuff others have missed. Most MRZ investors may know that almost all the major PM finds in Patagonia were made by MRZ geologists. MRZ is now doing the same thing in CHile. Kinda interesting to see the way they work. No BS just work.