As currently structured and the windfall cash by virtue of CDE buyout of Jauquin, I have been mulling over where co might go next. Chubut prov just cause PAAS to suspend development of Giant Navidad find that our Steve Nano and Paul Lohotka found for them, and the reason given was the lopsided province tax law changes by that Prov.

Santa Cruz Prov is being less rediculous than is Chubut; but some change is due to happen. So far the proposed change should allow MRZ to proceed with both Virginia and Claudia, so that is what I expect MRZ to do.

The wild card here is Rubi; but if Los Azules is any example, it will take considerable drilling to prove up the asset. What Rubi offers that Los Azules does not, is a good grade gold read out on chip samples taken. If the Rubi Drilling shows 1% cu or more Chinese buyers may snap it up. New Red Chinese gov't wants to move 300 mil people int the cities in next 10 years; and all of those people will need housing. Each Applicance and house wiring sucks up large amounts of cu, so cu should stay profitable for next ten years.

There are just 3 years left in Christina Fernandez term and given the real disenchantment with many of her policies, her party might lose power entirely. Until that happens Rubi will be prime focus with Claudia and Virginia also very active.  

I would love to see a return to Canada in some Prov other that BC which is a nightmare place to get a mine permit.