When investors and analysts look at MRZ they can't help but see strength. ML,SN,TH,PL are all crackerjacks at their jobs. The project sites - numerous- offer real upside potential. Cash on hand will soon be significant and is backstopped by 1.3 mil CDE shares.

The size of the upside at Claudia is such that a seasoned, successful professional like Steve Nano got excited by these 3-4 finds at Claudia. The fact that they resembed the world class Cerro Vanguardia mine right next door certainly added to the excitement.

Virginia may be another $60 PLUS MILLION SITE or more.

Imagine what it takes to get CU MAJORS to show up to tour your project? That's what the latest Rubi PR said was going on. Cu guys don't just show up for the coffee and doughnuts.

MUX reports that the Red Chinese are crawling all over the Los Azules site which comes with the built in Christina Fernandez RISK. Iamgine how warm they would be to less political risk at Rubi.

Curva sits and waits and excited Brent Cook as early as 2009. We surround Cerro MORO with staked claims. Everywhere you look therE is reason to like MRZ as an investment.