Volume here in states was 4.5 X normal with a move down to 2.08. To me that is all tax loss selling and the Maker Maker just buys all the stock offered and takes the price down as he buys. At the end of day in after hours trading the stock price went up 2 cents per share. What that means to me is some institution has issued an open order to buy to the MM and all the MM does all day is buy and then flips that day's buy to the insties at a small mark up.

After hours trading in MRZ seldom happens but today it did for a stock price increase of 2 cents per share. Since the MM gets commiss and the mark up, it's a nice way to make a few dollars.  

I expect tax loss selling from now to Jan 1, so if you need to stock up nows the time. This stock is incredibly solid compared to it's peers.