Re-read the Claudia charts. We had 11 mil cash as of 1 April and will soon add 30 mil cash to what is left of the 11 mil. MUX just built open pit at El GALLO for 16 mil; and Argonaut did the same for 15 mil at other site in MEX. Since Claudia looks like open pit with trenching as done at Cerro Vanguardia-CV- our abutter for Claudia, we can pay for such a development at C. V is heavily silver and also open pittable. We can finance an open pit there also.

C charts are really exciting if read closely. Steve Nano and Mary Little just casually mention that the CV mill is within easy trucking distance of Claudia. They also highlight that Anglo-GOld Ashanti owner of CV is drilling the heck out of the northern boundary of C. Steve and Mary point out on the charts that each vein system within Claudia is a project unto itself. Nice problem to have.

Re-read the RIO SECO parts of the Claudia charts and you should get excited about our future again.

We are a much stronger company than we were 3 days ago.  If Curva and Rubi cook off with deals, we will be in deep clover.