Shane Cook a long time believer in MRZ has frequently said that he and others in the investing side of PMs like to invest where the company has at least one producing property. Now that J is sold and MRZ has about 35 mil cash on hand, V is and has always been that candidate for production. We have been promised a Virginia resource estimate this quarter and if MRZ can give all of us a scientific guess as to what they think the "by when" in production date will be, we investors will be that much better off.

As I recall my conversation with Steve Nano at PDAC 2009, Steve virtually echo'd Shane Cook's view in it's entirety. At that point in time MRZ had not yet made the decision to take V into production;but since, that decision as been made by MRZ.

An additional value to the CDE buyout is that it confirms that the J metallurgy works. That takes away a lot of the V metallurgical risk.

V and Claudia now move to the head of the class. Very funny that BOTH WERE RETURNED TO MRZ BY ANOTHER MINER WITH THE ADMONITION THAT NOTHING WAS THERE.