Paul Lahotka. PL has been baby sitting CDE at Jauquin for quite some time and the price is probably heavily influenced by the fact that Paul knows Jauquin thoroughly. PL is MRZ's chief geologist which amoung this total team of Geologists is like being Wayne Gretsky amoung a group including Bobby Hull, ROCKET RICHARD, the pocket rocket- Henri Richard, and Bobby Orr.

Tim HEENAN has done a great job on all the A properties, and J is one of them. He also know lots about A wines.

Mary Little is quietly proving that females can lead men in the mining world. MRZ is quite a feather in her cap; and it shows the men that brains and a calm demeanor really help in a world full of Mr. Big Stuff personalities.

Steve Nano has a been a beacon of honesty since J was first found.

The value of being a stockholder in MRZ is that there is no BS. Just really good people with great brains and a willingness to work. Much like the NE Patriots.