Since CDE is already doing the bankable feasibility study it really is a 39% interest since when the BFS is done, by contract CDE gets an additional 10%. The sale price is fair to MRZ and helpful. MRZ does not have to do a share float to fund further exploitation of Claudia, Virginia, Rubi, or Curva or other project sites.

The proceeds are $1.39 per MRZ share so when the Virginia resource estimate is released we should have a chance to capture more value to the upside.

Unmentioned is the CF cloud over mine sites in A. As long as that cloud remains, sales prices will be somewhat less than really full value. CF is A President Fernandez.

CDE gets a major property with a real gold kicker built in. We will participate in that gold kicker for as long as we hold CDE shares. I expect CDE to now disclose whopping results at Jauquin.

Disappointed in the share price response but look forward to real fun upside from V, C, R, C etc.