MRZ's share of JAUQUIN, 0r 49% of the numbers used are 19.2 mil OZ ag Measured and indicated, and 15.2 MIl ag oz inferred according to latest CDE presentation.

I remember that CDE did not include certain drilling results in their last estimate so I don't know if these numbers also leave out those drilling results. The numbers come from the latest presentation by CDE at a conference. See CDE webpage.

MRZ has told us that a Virginia resource estimate will be provided this qtr.  Verbally at PDAC, MRZ expected Virginia to be economically for MRZ about as valuable as Jauquin is.  So we have two healthy finds as a baseline. Both should be open pit and thereby lower cost.

CDE is still operating MARTHA mine south of Jauquin but production is down to 350,000 oz of AG so in my view CDE has not been scared off  by the Argentine government.

Would love to know CDE's expected mine start date for Jauquin. Anyone got a clue ?