Given the cloud over A, Rubi now becomes the sizzle part of the steak sale. From the PR there seems there are 3 cu operations near Rubi -two are, or were mines, and one is a development property. Does anyone know who the two mines are owned by ? the development property?

The words that mid and majors are touring Rubi leads me to think that the neighbors most definitely are part of the tour group. Depending on distance, they can avoid capex duplication IF Rubi drilling shows what MRZ thinks it will show.

Got a kick out of the part of PR that said that MRZ extended the claims area to encompass the nether reaches of the expected veins.  I recall that after Virginia was discovered, MRZ could not wait to tell the world- particulalry since a much larger outfit had returned Santa Rita to MRZ becuase the major said nothing was there- but MRZ had to delay the release becuase MRZ became aware that they did not control all of the mineralized area. Same thing happened at Rubi and I take it as a good omen.

Glencore and Xstrata two huge players in cu are getting heavy criticism in press becuase Glencore has severely hurt the Zambian people on its cu resource. the two are expecting to combine but bribery activity by GC may cause deal to fall apart. Expect PR release in future on Chinese touring of Rubi. China sunk 50 Bill into A railroad development and are very active on evaluating MUX Los Azules cu property in SanJUAN Prov in A.

As domestic development of China happens, demand for cu should break all prior records. Chinese will keep cap on CU price by buying things like Rubi.

Nice headache to have.