"He mentions acquiring it in 2008, a dismal year for the company when they let the share price slide down to 4 cents. I would be stunned if he didn't sell in 2011 during the parabolic blowoff and take his 100-bagger."- Garybali

This didn't sound right so I went back and checked. MRZ was listed as a buy at 0.19 in Issue No. 64 of Exploration Insights on July 18, 2009. Brent said to accumulate shares over time when they were available under 30 cents. He was interested primarily in the Joaquin Project.

At the time MRZ's market cap was only 5.6 million and they had 3.4 million dollars in the treasury. According to the market all of Mirasol's projects and databases were worth only 2.2 million dollars -- people that make the claim that the market is efficient must inhabit a very different universe than the one that resource shareholders live in.