Things are going the way they are because the company has promissed news after news after news. The thuth of the matter is they have no news to put out...and that's what they should've said 3 months ago when shareholders were instead Brian said somrting stupid like "JM is going to put news out next week" and yhis has been going on losing credibitily in their part. (too bad for them)

Onthe other hand the company has no real $$$$ Asset. The only revenue this company is bringing in is selling shares from both V.MRP and V.ALN...all they have are assets and company shell.

In regards to First Energy Capital...the company has been up for grabs/sale...there are majors always looking at grabbing or should I say taking aquisition of companies like this one...if MRP was not appealing for an unsolicited buyer @ .24 and it's still not appealing @ .06...IT DOES'NT TAKE A ROCKET SCIENCE TO FIGURE OUT THE DUMP.

OH! Did I forget that Managements s_cks...

Like I said before...if the Captain of the ship knows that his ship is going down...the very thing they are trained for is not to create any panic...he will tell his crew members to tell the passangers that all is well...till the very end when the ship is going down...then it really does'nt matter