In this case…It’s not hard to understand why investors are angry or frustrated...some have been in this stock for a while and others not as long but that's irrelevant…the people are watching their investment going further down. The company has put themselves in a position where their words don’t carry a lot of weight…now don’t get me wrong…I know there are a lot of hurdles and legalities and politics behind the scene…that I understand. But when people have made calls in the past and lately…there seems to be a pattern where things have been said such as “News should come out next week” or “We are just waiting for things to get wrapped up and we should release some news this week” and this has been said in February, April, May, June, July, August. September, October and November…so when the same thing gets said over and over again with no news and no results…it is the Company’s fault for misleading investors and not following up with news.


I’ve said my peace…Buyer Beware