15,000 @ $0.180

Just to recap on what I said...As stated in my last post...I am starting to believe that insiders or in this case (Jonathan More) continues to buy for the right reasons and not for the following reasons.

Quoted from my last post: I am having my doubts everyone...Alot of high risk stock venture companies; which their business is honestly selling shares/stocks operate this way...they legally manipulate investors by buying shares on the public market! Their initial investment is usually covered in days…the rest is an ongoing buying of existing or new investors which are deceived by thinking that someone internally must know something about the company which creates a frenzy or a hype on the market for others to buy into the story; which continue the cycle of growing revenue for the company.

This is where I have some of my doubts with the history of (V.ALN)...If you can pull the insiders buying history on “Aldrin Resources” (V.ALN) you will notice the same insider buying pattern taking place no business growth but always an ongoing of insider buying and yet the stock has just gone further and further down.

Again I hope this is not the case or behind the scene motives for this investment…

This method of “insider buyer” is a not new tactic…similar manipulative and corrupt motives take place in Churches or with Evangelist’ on television…sure…let me paint a picture.

The Preacher or Evangelist takes his own money or signs a check In front of his congregation or his followers on television and raises his money/check and prays a blessing; not only his money but the money of his congregation or his followers that God will bring them 100 fold return on the money that they give…all done with wrong motive in hope that by the Preacher/Evangelist selling the story and the people believing that their money will grow…after all who would question the source (God)…when truly it is not God inspired but the manipulative greed of man to grow their own personal ministries and the only ones growing in wealth are the False Prophets. Don’t get me wrong I believe there are good Churches out there that are God lead/inspired and that are not corrupt by self-ambition and greed.